Georgia Green (b. 1996) received a BA in Fine Art: Painting and Printmaking from Glasgow School of Art in 2018. This year Georgia is the recipient of the East London Printmakers Studio Bursary Award. Her clients include Central Saint Martins (UAL) and Print Club London. Whilst Georgia’s practice is primarily based within the UK, she is closely connected as a creative to Europe through her movements abroad as an Artist in Residence and enjoys working and exhibiting internationally. She has exhibited across the UK, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Singapore. Georgia’s most recent solo show Corners Lined with Silver was exhibited in the spring of this year at Outpost Gallery in Norwich, East Anglia.

As a printmaker and muralist Georgia uses her art to unravel the interiors she moves through and lives within. She dissolves and dramatises everyday rooms and corridors, questioning notions of intimacy, belonging and confinement within her practice. The gentle, familiar appeal of domesticity softens as though absorbed by time or disaster, like the brightly chipped frescoes guarding the walls of Herculaneum and Pompeii. Within these scenes memory exists as colour alone, illuminated by the chimerical tangle of curiosity and longing that prompts each artwork.

For Georgia the printmaking and mural-making process one of play, juxtaposition and irony. Something new is made to imitate something aged; a temporary installation becomes impossible to remove. This incongruity is where Georgia finds beauty and inspiration, a creative catharsis in mistranslation.

Georgia is employed as a workshop coordinator and print technician at The Art Station. Her work with the charity is committed to championing sustainable printmaking processes such as Risography, a mechanised form of stencil printing which uses vastly less COthan the average digital printer. Her role within the organisation involves the supervision of inductions, open-access sessions, workshops and residencies with adults and children.

Zaratan Arte Contemporânea, Portugal 2021