Georgia Elizabeth Green (b. 1996)

Since graduating from the Glasgow School of art in 2018, I have been working as a freelance printmaker across Scotland, England, Italy and Portugal.

My practice follows the narrative of things hidden. Those intimate objects unearthed from soil, city and sea, that saturate the surface of the landscape. Pigmented shells and stones, sea glass and pottery, seeds, galls and debris. Each a memento of a space sealed within an organic structure. As I peer into the small, quiet world of things underfoot I glimpse a multitude of humdrum treasures; an unacknowledged history fully formed in miniature. 

For me art is a way to intuit and elevate this experience, a playful process of transferral. Through the trance like quality of markmaking I find focus, a chromatic purity in the condensation of object into ink. In particular the repetitive processes of risograph and silkscreen printing reflect a personal cycle of compression, expression and renewal within my work. As each layer is added it becomes a semi-translucent extension of the last, hovering separate yet assimilated within the flattened surface of every print. A sealed and yet dynamic form, collated into a kaleidoscopic allegory of the earth beneath me. Dreamscapes and landscapes collide; people and interiors soften into hyper-bright plant and bird motifs; anthropomorphic forms dissolve into something delightfully primitive. Here memory exists as colour alone, illuminated by the chimerical tangle of curiosity and longing that prompts each print.

Watershed Studios, Galway 2020