Bollo Brook Park


In August 2021 I was nominated for a project grant and given the commercial opportunity to create an outdoor mural in Bollo Brook Park, London. The project was funded by Central St Martins (UAL) in collaboration with the associate organisations MyMural and Artification. 

As my first major mural project I am grateful to have had the opportunity and financial support to explore a new avenue within my creative practice. 

The mural was designed and created as an immersive part of the location in which it is situated, reflecting the newly transformed and vibrant landscape of Bollo Brook Park. My initial idea for the mural centred around a fusion of nature and childlike magic, complimenting the green and open space in which the mural would be situated. This design was selected and promoted by the children of Berrymede Junior School and members of the community through a public vote. 

Public engagement has been a key focus of this project. I want the positive impact of the mural to reach beyond its visual presence long-term, and for the work to exist as part of the local narrative of South Acton. With this in mind I actively sought to involve members of the Acton Gardens Community Centre in the creation of the mural. In collaboration with Artification I gave a selection of young adults and teenagers a fully-paid opportunity to assist in painting the mural. This was an enlightening and well-received experience for all involved. I shared my technical knowledge as a muralist, and learnt in return a wealth of information surrounding the historical and contemporary community of Acton.

Right: Process Shots and Finished Mural Details, 2021.

Above: Initial Design Proposals, Digital Prints, 2021.