DE LICEIRAS 18 Residency

A collaboration between Georgia Green and Eleanor Rodwell as joint Artist in Residence for DE LICEIRAS 18, Porto, September 2019. Each work is an intuitive response to movement and life; a way to capture and digest the city through human moments and objects.

A selection of blue monotypes chasing chaos and worship, sensory mementos and personal azulejos. A palette of crab claws and dog cockles. Flecked pebbles and striped chestnuts. yellow ringed limpets and periwinkles. Top shells, sting winkles, oysters, cockles and cowries. Warm colours pushing against the blue of the city.

A monotype workshop organised and run by Georgia and Eleanor during the residency, 2019.

Above: Espinho Palette monotypes, details and process imagery, 297 x 420mm, 2019. Below: Installation work, ‘Organic Palette’ exhibition, 2019.

Bottom: Photographs of a monotype, monoprint and weave workshop held during the residency, 2019.