Lockdown Interiors Print Editions

A limited edition duo of risograph print made in the UK, 2021.

This edition was designed and produced under the third COVID-19 lockdown. It responds to the vivid interior of my new house and home; a space which has brought me joy and comfort during a time of confinement. Twisting through rooms strange as migratory birds; settling into sheepskin rugs and hardwood floors. Californian flame raisins, oats and cold sunshine. A stovetop kettle noisy as a crowd of trees in a breeze.

In each ‘Lockdown’ print dreamscapes and landscapes collide; people and interiors soften into hyper-bright plant and bird motifs; anthropomorphic forms dissolve into something delightfully primitive and hopeful. Here memory exists as colour alone, illuminated by the chimerical tangle of curiosity and longing that prompts each print.

This entire edition of 80 prints was created using sustainable, soya-based risograph printing techniques.

Girl and Pelican, risograph print, 105x148mm, 2021
Girl in the Kitchen, risograph print, 105x148mm, 2021