Zaratan Residency & Exhibition

When The Clouds Touch The Ground is a flash solo exhibition at Zaratan Arte Contemporânea in September 2021. Georgia Green’s show is composed of rapidly produced transfer prints responding to the visual landscape of Lisbon.

Traditionally, the medium of ‘transfer’ is used to print imagery onto fabric. Georgia Green has chosen to use a variation of this technique in her exhibition, transferring each print directly onto the walls of the gallery. The result is a series of vulnerable and temporary frescoes, depicting ordinary and fragile moments of urban life.

The process is repetitive and destructive, pushing against the usual precise and technical nature of printmaking. In the place of an edition of prints these works are inherently fleeting, unpredictable and impermanent. There is a lovely irony to their softened appearance, as though each mural has become worn down by time, when in fact it is the process of creation that destroys each print.

Through this medium Georgia Green’s visual interpretations of contemporary architectureare folded into a more primordial vision of urban existence. The prints highlight a city’s tendency to exist in a constant state of flux. History is enriched and stripped simultaneously; buildings and businesses are cyclically added and removed from the landscape, where equally temporary characters move around and live.

Georgia Green’s fleeting and delicate approach produces a quick and instinctive dialogue with the city, in an attempt to challenge our interpretation of contemporary society.